jeudi 3 janvier 2013

One Piece 695 Scans | Read One Piece Manga 695

Watch out for the one piece chapter 695 Spoilers. I thought it's already been stated that she has eaten the yuki yuki no mi, so she's a snow logia. By experiments, I meant that considering you have people like Brownbeard, it's not a stretch to think that through Law's powers or something, she became a harpy without needing a DF and consumed the snow logia DF separately. Also, we don't know everything about these artificial DFs, it's possible that they don't have the same restrictions as normal DFs, allowing for someone to consume an artificial DF and a normal DF.

I will be sharing you guys the upcoming one piece 695 Spoilers. Actually there is nothing illogical about it, its quite simple really. At the end of last chapter and in this entire chapter we see Baby 5 fighting Franky 1 vs 1 while in the meantime Buffalo hasn't done anything other then have enough time to go and collect her weapons rather then simply swooping in and grabbing the completely untended to CC and taking him back to safety. Hell i'm not entirely even certain that Franky knows that CC is there and why he is even fighting Baby 5 and Buffalo. And in the end we see Doflamingo give the order to abandon going for CC, basically leaving him to Law and Luffy because there is literally nothing left on PH to prevent them from doing so. If there is anything that is plain impossible is the fact that Doflamingo, who you claim number one goal is still CC's safety, to completely give him up to Law and Luffy. Even though he could have easily been retrieved before and after he gave Baby 5 and Buffalo their newest order.

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